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Independent Financial Adviser O'Toole & Associates LLP

O'Toole & Associates LLP was established in 1994

Our business was established in 1994, to meet a perceived need for a bespoke financial planning service.  Of course, one can attempt a DIY, as far as financial planning is concerned. Sometimes the DIY is adequate. There is risk going DIY as the individual may choose the right rate, but the wrong product, and run into real problems later. If one wants to achieve more than an adequate solution or avoid unforeseen risks, then it makes sense to sit down with financial planners, like us, who have the necessary resources and experience.  

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The Need for Advice

The Only Constant In Life Is Change  You are living your life, which in turn is impacted by changes in the economy, stock markets, interest rates, legislation and taxation etc...  We have the knowledge and experience to keep you up-to-date with the changes, making adjustments as necessary for you.  

The bespoke financial planning service  we offer potentially benefits you, your family and your livelihood through all stages of your life.  Why not try "The Slice Approach"?  Regulatory Requirements - Our team have regulatory requirements to fulfil on a continuous basis, for example relating to:-  · money laundering regulations · data protection, and · continuous professional development (CPD).  CPD takes the form of study periods, training programs, assessments, inspections and external examinations. All to demonstrate the individuals are keeping up to date in their financial services knowledge. Undergraduate Program - We provide a limited number of training places for undergraduates, students, and pupils on work experience. 

The "slice approach" is how some of our existing clients made the transition to us. It works like this. They gave us a "slice" of their existing business - it may have been investments, pensions, or whatever. Then they waited to see, over a period, how we performed as far as things like investment performance, service, etc. went. They then compared our services with the service they were receiving at the time elsewhere.   

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Service - a bespoke financial planning service

Service - a bespoke financial planning service that should help you to realize your dreams and ambitions for the future. Continuity - We offer our clients continuity if service.  This is important for coping with the future changes that are an inevitable part of life.  

Independent - We offer a financial and investment planning service up to Chartered Financial Planning level.  Qualified, Authorised and Regulated –  We are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.  We strive to provide clients with Advice to a high standard of technical expertise.  

Confidential -  The service is discrete, confidential and tailored to our clients' circumstances now and in the future.  

Client Money -  We are not allowed to handle client money.  Any cheques are made payable to third parties - for example, investment or pension fund providers.​​  To Safeguard the Client - We pay fees to the Financial Conduct Authority.  

The Investors Compensation Scheme, Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) to cover the advice that we give; we also pay for special professional technical advice, when necessary - for example, when dealing with a particularly complex client case.  

Specialists Service - Other Independent Financial Advisers, Solicitors and Accountants refer clients to us for specialists financial planning.