Client reviews for 2018 - news update

Time for Ongoing Client Reviews




An annual financial review to include:

· Your needs and objectives

· Changes in your personal circumstances

· Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss

· Impact of tax and legislative changes

· Your will and personal estate 

· Review of the suitability of your investments 

· Provision of a personal recommendation 


Review of the underlying investment funds within your portfolio to   take account to the suitability of the investment.


On-going access to a qualified financial adviser to assist you with   any queries or guidance needed/advice at your request


Liaison, at your request, with any other professional adviser


On-going administration support


The cost of this service is based on the value of your investment(s)   held with us and is charged at a rate of 0.5% of their value per annum  


The annual minimum charge for this service is £1,000.


News Updates

Diary of an adviser Cormac O'Toole FPFS, LLB Cont...


Today usually involves my bicycle wheels turning down the towpath along the River Lagan to our city centre office. There I see clients referred from our introducer Bert and new clients from referrals and from our leads from online marketing. We work with a range of very good introducers who are typically existing or retired IFAs and keep the wheels turning. 


I am usually busy as my father-in-law kindly picks our children up so I can work late. This helps work productivity during the midweek, and I use the opportunity for new business meetings and reviews.New clients will almost always want face-to-face meetings, but longstanding clients already know us well and are usually happy to deal over the phone and via email and post.This Wednesday’s meeting was with a referral from an existing client, and the gentleman has been proactive and requested his transfer value on his deferred defined benefit pension. It has increased by more than 20 per cent in the last year as a result of falling gilt yields.The meeting was very useful and the client has a clear financial plan in mind to access funds to reduce debts which in turn would allow him to reduce his hours, stop doing night shifts and have a better quality of life and more time with his family.Hopefully the critical yield on the TVAS will not be too high as he would be a good client to work with.


I have the opportunity for some quality CPD at the impressive Titanic Centre Belfast, plus the opportunity to keep up to date with the new residence nil rate band and other inheritance tax planning options.After a cycle home through the May sunshine, I drive down to our head office where we are processing to beat the clock for a client’s DB transfer who had left it until the last few days to accept the offer of the transfer value from her previous employer’s scheme.


Today’s meeting is the issue of £2.5m worth of policies to clients who recently invested with us after carrying out due diligence on four IFAs. This was a great case for us and an endorsement of the team effort that goes into our online marketing, (which is how the client came to know of us), quality of advice and how it is delivered. This includes our catering  – we have upgraded from cheese on toast for these clients. 

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Our Belfast City Office

We recently refurbished our Belfast Office, it is located on the 4th Floor 92 High Street Belfast, next to the Merchant Hotel.  We look forward to seeing you there.